Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to Cigar Tales

I am believer that while one is smoking a cigar there is a transformation that takes place.  They become larger than life.  While sitting and talking with friends, they talk a bit louder, bolder and braver.  Their sense of humor improves.   They become more interesting.  They become story tellers.  

Let this site serve as a forum for you to tell your stories, your Cigar Tales!  The rules are simple.  Tell your story in the time it takes to smoke an average cigar.  That's it!  While smoking a cigar people have told stories of many types from proposals to landing a new job to planning a hostile takeover.  Whatever your favorite Cigar Tale might be, share it here.  Over time, we will podcast our favorites so that others may listen to these while enjoying their favorite cigar.

We look forward to your contributions.  Enjoy!